Installation position and fault code of air heating parking heater

2. Installation angle and fixing

The correct installation angle: according to the actual installation situation, it can be changed into a maximum inclination of 30 degrees (the flow direction of the air body is downward) or a maximum rotation of 90 degrees around its long axis (the exhaust pipe is placed horizontally and the ignition plug points upward).






(ignition plug always points up; only these two installation angles are allowed)

Assembly and fixing: according to the hole drawing, perforate the exhaust gas, combustion air pipe and fuel pipe.




Left: fix the heater on the vehicle wall

1. Usually reserve space between the heater and the bottom of the vehicle, and check whether the ventilation wheel operates normally.

2. The assembly surface must be flat 3. Assemble the seal 4. The vehicle wall must be flat 5. Reinforce the iron plate 6. Gasket 7. Nut

be careful!

The gap between the heater and the bottom of the car can be sealed with foam glue or glass glue. Otherwise, the heat dissipation of the product will be affected, resulting in induction failure, car fire and more serious consequences. Our company will not be responsible.

3. Installation of combustion air duct and exhaust device



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