Precautions for choosing diesel-heated parking heater

Some people are very curious, isnt the car built-in heater, why use diesel heaters? Today, let novice drivers talk about the use of heating.

   One, what is Chai Nuan?

   Diesel heating is also called parking heater. It uses diesel as fuel and heats the air by burning diesel to achieve the purpose of blowing warm air and humidifying the cab. Because of its low cost of modification, good user experience, and low fuel consumption, diesel heating is very popular in long-distance transportation vehicles.


   2. The pros and cons of using firewood heating

   Chai Nuan is a heating artifact for card friends, and its advantages are as follows:

  1) Easy to use: Open and use when parking and resting. You can enjoy the convenience brought by diesel heating anytime and anywhere without having to drive, as long as you have diesel.

  2) High comfort level: the temperature rises very fast, the air outlet is generally lowered, and there is no need to blow directly on the human body. The hot air floats up, and the cab is heated evenly and warm as spring.


  3) Energy saving: a parking heater of about 2KW consumes one liter of diesel for about 4 hours and sleeps for 8 hours a night. It costs about 10 yuan, which is a lot less expensive than staying in a hotel.

  4) No noise: The parking heater is heated by diesel combustion, and there is only a very slight fan sound, which is much smaller than the idling sound and quieter than the parking air conditioner.



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