Is the installation of car water heater harmful to the car and people

Automobile water heater is an on-board heating equipment, which can preheat the car and provide a warm and comfortable environment for drivers and passengers. Installing qualified automobile water heater will not harm the car and people. In the cold winter, it is difficult to start the vehicle, and the low-temperature start will cause great damage to the engine. Using the vehicle water heater to preheat the vehicle not only solves the problem of difficult start of the vehicle, but also reduces the damage to the engine caused by low-temperature start; For new energy electric vehicles, the parking heater can keep the battery warm, avoid the damage to the battery pack caused by low-temperature starting, and improve the service life and performance of the battery.

In winter, especially in rainy and snowy weather, fogging and icing often occur on the windows. It takes time to clean the windows that are not equipped with a parking heater. Sitting in the car requires a long time to endure the harsh cold. The installation of a parking heater can remotely control its operation, defrost and defog in advance, and you can feel warm when you get on the car. Of course, the premise is to correctly install and use the automobile water heater. Since the automobile water heater uses fuel as fuel, it will produce exhaust gas. This requires that the exhaust pipe be reasonably installed during installation. The exhaust pipe should be installed outside the vehicle and inclined downward. So not only is there no harm but also benefits, for example:

(1) Without starting the engine, you can preheat the engine and the car at the same time, so that you can enjoy the warmth of home when you open the door in cold winter.

(2) The preheating is more convenient. The advanced remote control and timing system can easily heat your car at any time, which is equivalent to having a car heating library.

(3) Avoid engine wear caused by cold start at low temperature. The research shows that the engine wear caused by a cold start is equivalent to the normal driving of the vehicle for 200 kilometers, and 60% of the engine wear is caused by the cold start. Therefore, installing the parking heater can protect the engine as a whole and prolong the service life of the engine by 30%.

(4) Solve the problems of defrosting, snow scraping and fog wiping of windows.

(5) Environmentally friendly products with low emissions; Low fuel consumption

(6) The service life is 10 years. One investment will benefit the whole life.

(7) Compact structure, easy to install. It is easy to maintain and can be disassembled to a new vehicle when replacing the vehicle.

(8) In summer, it can also deliver cool air to the car, cool the car, and realize multiple functions of one machine



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