arking heater fault and troubleshooting:

P1. There is no response after startup. Solution: measure whether the heater power supply is normal according to the circuit diagram, check the vehicle insurance and line power supply, check the power supply, check the startup signal line, and check the ground wire; 2. The heater works normally, but the fire is extinguished repeatedly. Solution: when the hot spot couple is heated, the internal furnace wire will be connected with the shell, causing a short circuit of the ignition sensor. The controller thinks that the fire is extinguished, and the ignition sensor needs to be replaced; 3. The heater emits black smoke. The solution: clean the carbon deposit on the heater. If the fuel injection nozzle or filter or oil pipe is blocked, clean or replace the corresponding parts, reduce the oil pump pressure, adjust the oil return pressure, and replace the oil pump if necessary; 4. The indicator light is always on or flashing. Solution: judge the fault location according to the flashing frequency of the heater indicator light and the fault flash code table, and repair or replace the corresponding parts.



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