Let's take a look at the structure diagram of the coolant heater:

Let's take a look at the structure diagram of the coolant heater:

The core principle is to generate heat by burning diesel/gasoline, and the heat generated by combustion directly heats the coolant. The principle is the same as that of a boiler, so it is also called a diesel furnace. Working process: the oil pump is responsible for delivering fuel to the nozzle, and the nozzle is sprayed into the combustion chamber after atomization. The ignition plug in the combustion chamber ignites the oil and gas at high temperature. The coolant in the combustion chamber absorbs the heat generated by combustion. The circulating pump sends the heated coolant to the engine to preheat the system.

The principle of the preheater for heating is similar, which is simpler than the coolant preheater:

The oil pump sucks the fuel out of the oil tank and delivers it to the nozzle, which sprays the fuel into the combustion chamber. The ignition plug in the combustion chamber is responsible for igniting the oil air mixture. The combustion chamber chamber is equipped with radiating fins outside. The cold air is heated by the radiator and delivered to the hot air pipe by the fan. Of course, the combustion chamber also has an independent air inlet pipe and an independent exhaust pipe. The exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust to the outside of the vehicle to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning of passengers in the vehicle.

Although the principle of these two types of heaters seems simple, they are more complicated than they can be seen. The so-called connoisseur watch the door and the outsider watch the excitement. This kind of heater is not just made according to the gourd drawing ladle, but also needs to consider many problems. For example, how to reduce the carbon deposition rate, how to prolong the service life of the ignition plug, how to prolong the service life of the whole machine, how to make the machine work more stably, and even consider the power consumption to protect the battery. This involves the control system, that is, the software. Software development is much more difficult than hardware.



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