Daily maintenance of parking heater

1. After the heater has been running for a period of time (according to the user's usage), the ignition plug should be unscrewed to clean up the carbon deposit. If the ignition plug wire is burnt out, the ignition plug should be removed and replaced with a new one.

2. If there is too much carbon deposit and the thermal efficiency is reduced, the carbon deposit in the radiator on the inner wall of the water jacket and the combustion chamber should be cleaned.

3. If it is found that the air intake pipe, exhaust pipe and drip pipe of heater host are blocked by soil, please clean and dredge them in time. Please keep the inside of the heater compartment clean and do not place combustible materials around it.

4. Ensure that the oil tank, oil pipe and oil filter solenoid valve are clean to prevent dirt from blocking the oil circuit.

5. Antifreeze suitable for the ambient temperature should be used as the circulating heating medium in the heater circulating system.




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