How to use car water heater

In this era of rapid development, the per capita level has improved a lot. With the development of science and technology, new energy vehicles have gradually entered our lives, and cars have become the "standard configuration" of every family. It is very convenient to travel and work. Of course, this also makes the traffic flow larger. Although driving a car team is not a problem, few people really know about cars, Then the car heater editor will introduce how to use the car heater!

Introduction to automobile water heating heater -- Introduction

The main motor of the heater drives the plunger oil pump, combustion supporting fan and atomizer to rotate. The oil pump sends the inhaled fuel to the atomizer through the oil delivery pipeline. The atomizer atomizes the fuel and mixes it with the air inhaled by the combustion supporting fan in the main combustion chamber through the action of centrifugal force. It is ignited by the hot glow plug, fully burned in the rear combustion chamber and turned back. Through the inner wall of the water jacket and the heat sink above, the heat is transferred to the medium in the interlayer of the water jacket - coolant. After heating, the medium circulates in the whole pipeline system under the action of circulating water pump (or thermal convection) to achieve the purpose of heating. The exhaust gas burned by the heater is discharged from the exhaust pipe.

Introduction to automobile water heating heater -- Classification

Automobile liquid heater I. purpose:

1. Low temperature starting for various vehicle engines.

2. Provide heat source for windshield defrosting and interior heating

2、 Function:

Heat the antifreeze, the circulating medium of the automobile engine, and directly transfer the heat to the radiator and defroster in the vehicle, so as to provide heat source for low-temperature starting of the engine and indoor heating.



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