Car heater case

1. Compact structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance.

2. Using single-chip microcomputer to realize fully automatic program control, simple operation and constant temperature control function. The inlet temperature of the heater can be controlled in a dual temperature range of 60-70according to requirements.

3. The water temperature and overheating sensor adopts imported thermistor, which is stable and reliable, sensitive in control, and accurate to ±0.5.

4. The whole process of booting is detected, humanized design, and the indicator flash code indicates the heater working condition.

5. Judging the method of fire: patented technology, collection of non-contact signals, high sensitivity, good consistency, and reliable indication of fire and control shutdown.

6. The heater has over-voltage, under-voltage protection, motor, solenoid valve, glow plug short circuit, open circuit protection, ignition sensor open circuit protection, to ensure that the heater is safe and reliable.

7. The heater's main motor automatically starts under voltage reduction, the ignition time is shorter, and the power consumption is lower.

8. Within the working voltage range, the glow plug and the main motor have been running under constant voltage; suitable for use in areas below 5000 meters above sea level.

9. High-efficiency combustion chamber and heat exchanger structure ensure that the heater's combustion efficiency is 80%, and the heater's exhaust gas emissions meet the Euro V engine emission requirements.






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