Installation position and fault code of air heating parking heater

Installation of combustion air pipe

The universal mounting kit contains a plastic black intake hose with a diameter of 25 mm.

According to the installation situation, the flexible pipe can be inserted to stretch or stretch to a suitable length. Then fix the air inlet hose to the air inlet end under the heater with a clamp, and fix the other end of the air inlet hose to the car body with an R-type pipe clamp to prevent shaking.


Please note that!

■ the nozzle of combustion supporting air must be kept unblocked and the air must be clean to avoid dust, rain and snow, so as to avoid carbon deposition.

■ the nozzle of combustion air pipe shall not face the displacement direction.

Regularly check whether the intake pipe stops.

Installation of exhaust device

The universal installation assembly contains a metal exhaust pipe, one end of which is fixed on the exhaust port of the heater with a clamp, and the other end of which is fixed on the car body with an R-type clamp to prevent vibration.

Please note that!

The exhaust pipe should be tilted downward, and the discharge of brake condensate should not be blocked by rain, snow and dirt.

■ the exhaust pipe must not be in the forward direction of the vehicle.

■ the exhaust pipe must not go beyond the boundary of the side of the vehicle.

The outlet of exhaust pipe is fixed under the cab to prevent the exhaust from entering the cab through the gap and causing personal injury.

The exhaust pipe shall be completely cut into sections.

When shrinking the exhaust pipe, pay attention to the distance between the exhaust pipe and the intake pipe, so as to avoid the exhaust gas from the intake device being inhaled as combustion air.

be careful!

During the operation of the inverter, it is not allowed to work in the area where the exhaust guide device is located, so as to avoid the burn and scald caused by high temperature exhaust gas. The heater should be turned off first, and it should be carried out after the body is cooled.

The bottom of the car should be sealed to prevent the exhaust gas from the heater from entering the car. It is forbidden to sleep in the car during the operation of the inverter. Our company will not be responsible for any consequences.

The gas discharged from the exhaust guide device belongs to high-temperature toxic waste gas, which should not be inhaled by human body.



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