Parking heater summary

1、 The higher the air outlet temperature, the better the parking heater can be used

Many customers compare the air outlet temperature of the parking heater before buying the heater. They put their hands in front of the heater air outlet to experience the air outlet temperature of the heater. However, this method is wrong. Whether the parking heater works well or not depends on the temperature of the air outlet. Whether the heater is easy to use or not depends on the heat release of the heater. The higher the heat release, the faster the indoor temperature will rise. In order to make the air outlet temperature high, many manufacturers will narrow the air outlet to increase the air outlet temperature, giving customers an illusion. Therefore, we should consider it by induction.

2、 The shell is one piece of the same material

Many customers see that the housing of the parking heater is made of plastic, so they think the material is the same, but in fact it is not. The material of the housing of the parking heater is mostly different. Because of the heater structure, the temperature at both ends of the outlet and inlet air is very different. Because the temperature of the air outlet is too high, high temperature resistant materials are generally selected, and the price of the materials will be higher than that of other parts of the shell. Choose a heater Nanpi pintai car heater has many features to save you worry.

3、 The parking heater pulse metering oil pump is universal as long as the voltage is the same

Many customers, including the installation shop, think that the oil pump * * voltage is different. As long as the voltage meets the equipment, it can be matched at will. However, this may lead to heater failure. For example, the frequency of pump oil volume of heater oil pump in China and is different (the difference is about three times), which may cause too much pump oil to emit black smoke, or too little pump oil, the heater is not hot, or the ignition is not on. Therefore, the heater oil pump matched with the original factory shall be used. There are other heater accessories that should be matched by the original factory.

04 iron plate mounting foot

03 cleaning water inlet on-off valve



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