Is the rear windshield covered with film?

The front bumper film is essential for the following reasons:

1. Traffic management regulations: "the visible light transmittance of the front windshield glass is not allowed to be less than 70%, and all window glasses are not allowed to post mirror reflective sunshade films". Therefore, it is not impossible to apply film on the front bumper, but a high-quality professional film with 70% light transmittance, high heat insulation and low visible light reflectivity should be posted. In addition, the high-quality front stop films are made by magnetron sputtering technology, which will not have any impact on mobile communication signals and electromagnetic waves.

2. Sticking the front barrier film can prevent glare and create a good driving field of vision.

3. In general, when a car accident occurs, the driver is vulnerable to the injury caused by the shattering and splashing of the front glass when the vehicle strikes, and the front bumper film can well prevent the occurrence of such events and reduce the injury caused by the shattering of the glass. Because the automobile film has explosion-proof performance, the explosion-proof performance can ensure that the glass remains in place after being impacted and broken by external force and will not splash everywhere. All high-quality front bumper films have a protective effect on cars and car owners, and should be pasted.

4. Prevent abrasion of glass. Generally, if the glass is dirty, use the rain hanger twice temporarily. It is estimated that many people will do so, but the general car will hang twice before spraying glass water. At this time, there will be gravel in the small dust on the glass, causing dry friction. In this way, it is not surprising that the glass has a path.

In addition, the general car driver's seat is in the direct sunlight range, and the heat insulation and sunscreen performance of the car front bumper film can well reduce the sun exposure in the driving area and reduce the temperature in the car.



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