Dealing with carbon deposition

There are two reasons for carbon deposition in automobile heater, that is, insufficient fuel combustion and low oil quality, among which low oil quality is the main reason.

1. Insufficient fuel combustion: when the amount of fuel pumped is greater than the demand for a long time, the combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber is not sufficient, which is easy to form carbon deposit. At this time, the heater can be dry burned for 3 ~ 5 times without pumping oil, and the carbon deposit can be cleaned up if the situation is not relieved.

2. Low oil quality: many drivers use the oil from small gas stations, which is called low refining and mixed refining in professional terms, including Biodiesel Blended with a lot of waste oil. These low-quality oil products contain more impurities, more moisture, and more particulate matter after combustion, resulting in carbon deposition in the combustion chamber. Therefore, Yusheng technology suggests that drivers use high-quality oil High quality fuel.

Method for cleaning carbon deposit of parking air heater (air heating / air heating)

When disassembling the parking heater, clean the carbon deposit on the burner, combustion tube and the inner wall of the furnace body with a slotted screwdriver, then clean the burner with cleaning agent, and finally blow the burner with an air gun. If it is not breathable, replace the burner. Pay attention not to damage any parts in the process of disassembling the parking heater and cleaning the carbon deposit, so as to avoid damage to the machine. You can also go to Yusheng technology driver's help Officially authorized installation shop for carbon cleaning, please call the national after-sales service hotline 400-832-1517 for details.

The combustion chamber of parking air heater of Yusheng technology adopts the latest self-developed anti coking technology. According to the situation that China's oil products are prone to coking due to many impurities, the structure and surface of the main combustion chamber have been adjusted to ensure the full combustion and the discharge of particulate matter.


The electric car heater is not affected by the engine when it works. It is a kind of electric control heating equipment driven by fan and oil pump. Using diesel oil as fuel and air as medium, the fan drives the impeller to rotate to realize the combustion of diesel oil in the combustion chamber wall. Then the heat is released through the metal shell. Due to the effect of the external impeller, the metal shell and the flowing air carry on the heat exchange continuously, and finally realize the heating of the whole space



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