Whether the parking heater is installed or not is not practical?

Let's have a look!

Is the parking heater installed or not? The outdoor temperature in winter is a test for owners and vehicles without a garage. It costs money to buy a garage and park it outdoors to speed up the wear and tear of the machine. So how many ways can you spend the winter well?

The simple way to save money is to use cotton clothes. The waste heat after the engine is shut down is used for thermal insulation. According to the calculation, the thermal insulation performance is about 5 ℃, but many products fail to meet the safety standard of flame retardant and have potential fire hazards. And it's troublesome to cover and put away every morning and evening. Is car clothes really useful? The answer is not much.

The in-situ hot car engine is prone to carbon deposition. However, it can only accelerate normally after driving at a low speed for 2km, but it is not recommended to use manual mode to forcibly increase gear.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that it is necessary to install an on-board preheating system for your car

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