Precautions for choosing diesel-heated parking heater

  pay attention to the use of firewood heating

  Since the hazard of Chai Nuan is so great, we card friends should be more cautious when using it:

   1) Check whether the parking heater body is damaged or the pipeline leaks. Some people install the diesel heater under the sleeper, which is not easy to detect at ordinary times, so remind yourself to do the maintenance work. If the exhaust port of Chai Nuan is directly below, it is recommended to add a section of pipeline to lead the exhaust port far away from the cab.

   2) When turning on the firewood to sleep, it is recommended to leave a little gap between the windows on both sides, so that if the carbon monoxide leaks, it can also be discharged from the windows.

  3) For some elderly cars, check whether there are rust or holes in the cab. If there are, it is best to seal it with glue to prevent toxic gases from entering the car.

4) Check whether the oil circuit is unobstructed and replace with pure antifreeze diesel. The diesel fuel tank is generally hung on the back wall of the cab. In order to avoid waxing in winter, it is recommended to add some low-grade diesel, such as -20# or -35# diesel. . In addition, it is best to prepare some spare oil in the car to prevent the use of fuel from being exhausted midway.

  5) When parking, avoid confined spaces such as garages and workshops, and choose open and ventilated places, which are conducive to the rapid dissipation of diesel heating exhaust gas.



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