Is cold start easy to cause car cylinder pulling

In winter, everyone has different opinions on whether to heat the car or not. Some people say: we must heat the car, at least 3 minutes from the original geothermal car. Others said: now that the engine technology is developed, you can start directly without hot car.

In fact, both of the above views are right, but neither is right. In view of this problem, I will consult the auto repairman who has repaired the car for half a life. I have professional opinions on hot cars in late winter and auto repairmen. I'll sum up and tell you. First of all, from the working principle of automobile engine, the engine generates air pressure through the piston in the cylinder, and the air pressure is transformed into kinetic energy, which can drive the vehicle. Moreover, an indispensable thing in the engine cylinder is lubricating oil. Since the vehicle is parked there all night, the lubricating oil will precipitate to the bottom of the engine. When you start the vehicle, the lubricating oil needs a time process to operate normally, so it is not difficult to see that whether it is winter or summer, starting the car and leaving after putting it into gear will cause certain damage to the engine cylinder, and cylinder pulling will definitely occur after long-term accumulation.

At this time, those car owners who support more heat for a few minutes will applaud. Don't worry, it's not right to warm up for a long time. At this stage, the engine technology adopts in cylinder direct injection or electronic injection technology. In fact, it is not good to warm up for a long time, which not only increases fuel consumption, but also produces unnecessary damage to the engine. Therefore, the time for hot driving in winter can be controlled at about 1 minute, mainly to fill the engine with lubricating oil.

Don't panic, there are still some points that have not been clarified. Although the hot car can start in gear in one minute, there is not only the engine under the hood, but also the key device of water tank. After one minute of warm-up, the water temperature in the water tank will certainly not rise, so it will have a certain impact on acceleration and braking. At this time, we need to control the speed and drive faster only after the water temperature reaches a certain amount. Without this low-speed driving process, if you directly feed the oil, you will find that the engine is "weak" and "older" cars will make abnormal engine noise, which is the result of direct oil feeding due to too low water temperature.

Therefore, the hot car is actually regardless of season. This one minute hot car time is for the normal operation of lubricating oil. In summer, because the water temperature will not be too cold, the water temperature gauge can be lifted slightly to give oil. In winter, this time will be lengthened. Try not to give "emergency oil" within 1km



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