Parking heater brings you a better life

The abnormal wear, fuel consumption and environmental damage caused by the cold start of the engine have become a history, which completely solves the problem of no garage. At the same time, the fuel consumption of the parking heater is low. When parking and waiting, turn off the engine and turn on the parking heater to keep the temperature in the car. In addition, after the replacement of a new vehicle, the heater can be replaced at any time to the new car, one-time investment, lifelong benefit.



Save you more money

Only a small amount of fuel consumption is increased, but the fuel saved by preheating the engine can almost completely make up for the fuel consumed in the heating stage.

How much fuel does a parking heater really consume

Parking heating of gasoline engine: about 1.2 RMB (based on 6.37 RMB per liter of gasoline and 20 minutes of heating)

Parking heating of diesel engine: About 0.68 RMB (based on 6.89 RMB per liter of gasoline and 20 minutes of heating)

Protect the engine: as we all know, every time a car starts cold, it will bring wear to the engine. The parking heater can protect the engine, eliminate cold start, reduce wear, and then reduce the number of repair and maintenance.


Practice environmental protection

The use of the parking heater not only protects the engine, but also protects your wallet and the environment. Because the engine after preheating can greatly reduce the emissions of harmful substances. For a gasoline engine, it can even save about 50% and protect the environment while caring for itself.


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